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Landowner Oil, Gas And Energy-Related Legal Issues

Kansas has long been known for its agricultural production. In recent years, it has increasingly gained a reputation for its oil, gas and wind resources. Energy companies have taken notice of Kansas for resource exploration and development, and because of this, it is important that Kansas landowners protect their land use rights and interests.

At Stull, Beverlin, Nicolay & Haas, LLC., we have decades of experience in representing landowners and landowner organizations in energy-related matters. Our founding attorney, Gordon Stull, has practiced business and civil litigation since 1976 and is respected for his experience in energy law.

When We Can Step In To Protect Client Interests

If you own land that is being considered for an energy resource project or is currently being used for energy production, our law firm can protect your landowner interests relating to:

  • Oil and gas mineral right agreements
  • Underground gas storage agreements
  • Drilling and production issues
  • Wind farm leasing
  • Environmental issues
  • Division orders pertaining to oil and gas
  • Field drainage concerns/resource measurements
  • Natural gas migration
  • Lease agreements and payments
  • Royalty agreements and payments
  • Producer underperformance issues
  • Fieldwide agreements involving multiple property owners

Experienced Kansas Attorneys

Stull, Beverlin, Nicolay & Haas, LLC., is at the forefront of Kansas natural gas storage field laws and regulations. Our understanding of past legal precedents and our keen awareness of legal developments position us to ably represent any landowner who needs to resolve issues related to natural gas, migration of stored natural gas and other topics. As this area of law develops, our lawyers will be there to advocate for our clients’ interests.

For more information about how our Pratt County oil and gas litigation attorneys can assist you, contact the Stull, Beverlin, Nicolay & Haas, LLC., offices in Pratt, online or at 620-450-4267.